A dialogue with Mr Peter Habit
Peter… “so I get it now… I can do this, don’t you worry!! You want me to think your neck freedirect yourheadforward andupso yourbackcanlengthenandwiden… hey presto… how was that?
Kay … “it’s not a mantra Peter! It is more than words.. The direction needs to be thoughtful otherwise there will be no energy released for anything to happen.”
Peter… Uhhhh?….
Kay ” It’s simple, but I didn’t say it’s easy Peter… The trouble is the way you know, is faulty, I’m afraid… it feels ok to you, but this doesn’t mean it’s right. That’s because I have allowed you to work this way for so long it has become habitual. Hence your name Mr Peter Habit…. As I have explained you before you need to STOP interfering and listen until you get the idea… and even then you will need to keep the directions in mind at all times.”
Peter “Whoa… you don’t expect much then?”
Kay ” Don’t fret, Peter, it just needs discipline… we will both be much better off as we will begin to feel as one and gradually cease to antagonise each other”
Peter ( with a groan) when will that happen?
Kay ” it will take time and patience, but believe me it will be worthwhile… it will take years off us. We will have more vitality and find joy in living.”
Peter ” It’s beginning to be interesting…. tell me again …what do I have to do?”
Kay ” That’s the beauty of it Peter, you don’t have to DO anything ….
Peter ” Uhhh? ”
Kay… “you just have to think to release some energy to free our neck so that our head can go forward and up and our back can lengthen and widen.
Peter “where can I release energy from?”
Kay “Trust me, you don’t need to know that at the moment, you just need to know that your thoughts can provide that release”

Peter ” Right on!!! Let’s get started, sounds better all the time”
Kay ” please to see you are at last by my side with this, But Peter , don’t rush in…. STOP AND THINK for a while first…..”