Alexander Technique workshop raising funds for the Restoration of the Church Bells

The  Workshop took place at the Union Inn and Tom kindly provided  the function room and coffee and tea throughout the day, free of charge.  Tom also donated !0% of the cost of the lunches  to the Church Bell Appeal.provided

There was a general consensus that the workshop was interesting and informative and 6 of the group have been inspired to take their learning further. As a result  4 week course has been organised and  is being held in the Church Cottage from this Friday.  This course is now full, however if anyone is sorry to have missed this opportunity I  will be pleased to hear from you and can organise another  to follow on.

The day raised £260 for the Church Bell Appeal which a drop in the ocean from what we need for the renovation. However, Every little helps, maybe someone else could offer a day workshop in a different discipline?  Drawing , Painting, Dance, Singing… there must be lots of talented people out there!

Here is some feedback from group members  discussing the learning that took place during the day.

Most people were very surprised when they discovered where the head sits  on top of the spine (directly behind the nose) and how heavy the head is.

The weight of the head, how it is pivoted and the impact of taking it forward in front of the body provided enlightenment.  Especially to those who tend to bend their heads forward from the 7th vertebrae  and suffer back , neck and headaches from doing so. ( the 7th vertebrae in the neck  is part of the spine and designed to be flexible but not bent.)  We often look down  when we are placing strain in the back  and neck thinkingLooking straight ahead so that the head is not pulled forward and down which is where i get trouble

One group member , an engineer, commented on how interesting it was to discover that the body can be in compression and tension but that it is possible, with time and with the help of gravity to be in harmony.( ie toned rather than tense and releasing away from the ground , reducing compression.)

‘Thinking, not doing’ was a core discussion topic as when learing  the Alexander Technique you are encouraged to use your thoughts to release,  rather than actively stretching  to release tension.  Members practised using their thoughts in this way  and whilst dubious at first, found it really  is possible.  They learnt to stop and  think carefully about  how they would move rather than just jumping  up subconsciously

Paperback books  placed under the head when lying on the floor, in active rest, were valued for achieving a lengthening of the spine ,  and were considered to be surprisingly comfortable.Specifically how we can sit and stand more efficiently and effectively   if we stop the habitual response and  think about the way our bodies have been designed to sit and stand, bending knees and hips  and not using the neck to pull us out of the chair




Stop, Think about what impact the activity may have if carried out in a habitual manner. then cosideing the best way to carry out an activity  and dont worry about what  others think  Ball game… doesn’t matter  if we drop it… why do we fret so.  Three in One oil in the shoulder joints

Getting down  and back up from  the floor without causing injury and then and lying  on the floorand  learning active rest rather than relaxation releasing tension that has built up around the joints.  Getting up is easier than I thought it would be  will practise this at home  ITs  I’ve learned what it feels like to stand and move  in body  balance.



Softening  and releasing the neck