Do you talk to yourself?   Do you sometime lose the argument?  Your conscious mind knows best, but your subconscious is stronger and makes the decisions for you.  For example:

I call my subconscious Mr Peter Habit and he is often much stronger than me:

Kay: “I am not hungry… I do not need that piece of cake!!”

Peter:  Aww, you deserve it… look it’s so scrummy and it won’t hurt, just one piece ”

And….. before I know it Peter has succeeded in allowing me two pieces!  The first one went down whilst thinking about the 2nd… and I don’t really remember eating the first.  How do I feel afterwards …  not only guilty and miserable, but fat and overfull; lacking energy and wishing I had stopped to think.

Peter is most active when I am tired… I let him take over my activities so that I don’t have to think.

Sooo,……easy!  Don’t get tired!!

I can hear you saying, “that is not possible, I work full time, look after my aging mother,  my three children, keep the house clean and tidy… feed them all etc etc……  How can I cope?

One of the best ways to rest is in semi-supine, lying on your back with books under your head… not too high so you’re choking and not so low that your head tips back, but just so that you can get a lengthening in your back. (You would learn how to get the best out of this activity in Alexander Technique lessons.)

With Alexander Technique… you learn to stop and think, which irritates Peter Habit greatly…. it gives you time to think about what you are doing before you do it.  You are once again in control.   With a healthy diet and the ability to  plan and think about what you are going to eat you begin to feel better about yourself.

Alexander Technique is not about dieting… it is about taking back control and living your life in the now, and because of this, can help you to eat more healthily. You learn that there is not an emotion that doesn’t affect the body, and by being more aware helps you to make reasonable decisions.  You learn how to carry out daily activities with less tension and less effort, reserving energy to enjoy in your leisure time…. and more activity in your leisure time helps you keep the pounds off!

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