Prevent Sarcopenia… learn Smart Yoga

What is sarcopenia? The British Medical Journal defines sarcopenia as "a progressive and generalised disorder of skeletal muscle strength, function and mass, that is most commonly associated with the normal ageing process". [] But how does it happen, why does it matter and what can we do about it? Any loss of muscle matters because it [...]

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Most of us suffer pain throughout our lives; a fall may result in broken bones, torn muscles etc; occupational stress frequently results in headaches or irritable bowel syndrome; worry often triggers tension which can cause pain throughout the whole body.    Exercise can result in pain due to overworking muscles, and pain killers may deaden the [...]

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What we learned on the July 4 week course Church Cottage Denbury!

SPECIFICS: to give myself more time and space to just be. Which is funny as I always thought I already did A new meaning of what caring for my body really means Appreciation of God-given adaptive physiology How to relax generally Noticing how I fall back into habit too easily and too frequently when I [...]

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Free your Natural Singing Voice

What a fabulous day of discovery we experienced on Saturday on the Free your Natural Singing Voice Workshop. We sang some pretty simple songs, led by Rachel Belringer  whilst experimenting with Alexander Technique and noticing how engaging and maintaining our peripheral vision enables a more balanced and improved posture, giving us space to breathe, helping [...]

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Chiropractic and Alexander Technique CAN work together!

I have been visiting a chiropractor for 5 or more years around 4 - 6 weekly and my back has been reasonably good, definitely better than when I first started to go. I have been coming to Kay for Alexander lessons since August 2017 and I am now on my 15th lesson (Dec 2017). I [...]

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One lesson can get you back on track!

Having a lesson on Thursday afternoon was an absolute godsend and I've felt so much more relaxed and in tune with everything !  I had a very quiet evening after my lesson, and a really long active rest before bed, and although my back was still uncomfortable during the night, I felt better and better [...]

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New Year New You

Take on a new challenge for 2018.  Learn how to look after yourself and lose those winter blues .... treat yourself to a batch of 6 x   one to one lessons!  Cost £175

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Feedback from September Dartmoor Retreat 2017

General Feedback ‘Warm Welcome and the fresh air, getting out on the moors and making the most of the poor weather . The venue and accommodation [ Brimpts Farm]  Dartmeet were excellent. Wonderful food:  all  the staff went out of their way enable every one of us to enjoy the eating experience. They did a [...]

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Looking after yourself when lifting a recumbant bike into you car

The main thing that came out of this exercise was the need to stop  and direct prior to each action! The next important  thought was to plan how it might work with absolutely no intention of getting on with it! We then considered the weight/ the awkwardness of the shape/ the space where it would [...]

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Dartmoor Retreat September 2017

Join our next Retreat in September, in the spectacular setting of Dartmoor National Park.  To  book and secure your space: Payment options full payment single payment by 1st March £199.00 GBP full payment sharing payment by 1st March £189.00 GBP Here is the feedback from Group members who attended in May: Evaluation of the Dartmoor [...]

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New Website!

Visit my NEW WEBSITE now for details of the latest courses and workshops or maybe to purchase a gift voucher for a relative or friend who would like to benefit from what the Alexander Technique has to offer.  You can  also sign up for regular updates and receive information on new courses by email as  they [...]

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Are your habits controlling your life?

  Do you talk to yourself?   Do you sometime lose the argument?  Your conscious mind knows best, but your subconscious is stronger and makes the decisions for you.  For example: I call my subconscious Mr Peter Habit and he is often much stronger than me: Kay: "I am not hungry... I do not need that [...]

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This week’s Challenge!

  See how many times you can brush your teeth using  a hand toothbrush held in your non-dominant hand! Check out my journey, described below.... and please share your experiences! As in Previous posts, I have  named my subconscious Peter! Peter sits on my shoulder and is my friend.  But he is a misguided friend.  [...]

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A dialogue with Mr Peter Habit

A dialogue with Mr Peter Habit Peter... "so I get it now... I can do this, don't you worry!! You want me to think your neck freedirect yourheadforward andupso yourbackcanlengthenandwiden... hey presto... how was that? Kay ... "it's not a mantra Peter! It is more than words.. The direction needs to be thoughtful otherwise there [...]

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Peter, My Subconscious

In life we generally rely on our subconscious to direct our movement. We stand, sit, walk, and bend automatically with no thought to how we move. Our subconscious habitually does it for us, and it dominates us so that we don't consider the best way to go about our everyday activities. The practice of Alexander [...]

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