September 2023 Dartmoor Retreat Reviews

“These Retreats offer a weekend spending a length of uninterrupted time learning the Alexander Technique and consolidate my learning”. The Venue “It’s absolutely beautiful here, the accommodation is comfortable and well appointed. The good home cooked meals are wonderful, and the afternoon tea and cake delicious. “ “The hosts, Gabrielle and Andy and their helpers [...]

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Dartmoor Retreat April 2022 – Review

Here is what the participants are saying about our recent Alexander Technique Retreat: Why join an Alexander Technique retreat? “It’s good to examine Alexander Technique regularly and is good to take something away from each time; today I’m taking away friendship and confidence and I am learning to trust the way I walk.” [...]

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Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility

An Interview with Janet Carter who has found Alexander Technique hugely beneficial and talks about her journey and progress learning Alexander Technique. Part 1 Janet's history of illness and how she manages her life   Part 2 Janet's progress and ongoing journey with Alexander Technique  

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Postural issues resulting in neck and back pain

I first visited Kay quite a few months ago for an introduction to the Alexander Technique as I had been having various neck and back issues and was looking for something that would help me. Little did I realise how much could be done to help me. As someone who is retired I had spent [...]

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 Learning the Alexander Technique can provide new hope … and  renewed enthusiasm for life!

   Learning the Alexander Technique can provide new hope … and  renewed enthusiasm for life! One member of the Dartmoor Retreat has kindly allowed me to publish  how the weekend has helped her specifically.  Sian was unable to take part in the walks but enjoyed the classroom work, the camaraderie and mostly her discovery as [...]

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Sceptical …No More!

K.S. of Denbury states how AT has helped her manage Asthma and Arthritis......   Sceptical?  Oh Yes!  How could thinking about the way you use your body be fruitful?  Or change anything! Now I know!   Kay has been guiding me in the Alexander Technique since she qualified as a teacher.  Overtime, I have discovered [...]

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Increased Energy

GT of Ipplepen has far more energy: My Alexander technique teacher retired and I really wanted to carry on. Luckily my chiropractor was able to recommend Kay.  She has been an inspiration. Since starting my lessons with her I have learnt to let my body relax more and I have far more energy. Thank you [...]

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Fun, varied and always beneficial

"Fun, varied and always beneficial, Kay's regular Alexander Technique sessions are a must on my calendar. They're the one thing that ensures I don't slip back into old ways with my posture and I can look forward to my middle age without worrying about chronic back problems looming ahead."

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Group sessions- improved strength, stamina and mobility

JC of Kingskerswell discusses her re-mobilisation journey I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying the group sessions :-) Lots of great feedback to myself of how far I've already come on my re-mobilization journey - especially when I get frustrated cos I want instant strength, stamina and mobility! What a lovely group [...]

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Overall Improvement in General Well-Being.

D.S., of Newton Abbot I tried the Alexander Technique after recommendation from a physiotherapist in the hope that it would help ease long term back ache. Although dubious by nature, I decided that I really had to give the Technique a fair try and was more than grateful that I did so; not only did [...]

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Less Pain and my Playing the Harp has Improved

E.B., a young musician, used the Technique to help overcome back, shoulder and neck pain Before trying Alexander Technique I had been really struggling for many months with pain in my lower back, shoulders and neck which I had thought were due to my scoliosis. A few lessons with Kay and I really noticed the [...]

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No More Painkillers!

R.F. of Ipplepen After 15 years of headaches and two years of emotional strife, I have tried the Alexander Technique with highly satisfactory results. No more pain killers, increased energy and a general improvement in well-being have been the results. I will forever be grateful for Kay's firm but sympathetic teaching. I wish I had [...]

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Rehabilitation after Breaking a Leg

C.N. of Denbury explains how the technique has helped her back on to her feet after breaking a leg Breaking my leg made me limp badly which in turn caused pain in both my neck and my back. The Alexander Technique has helped me learn to walk upright naturally and without stress and pain. It [...]

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Improved Muscle Tone and Posture

R.Y. of Marldon has discovered that AT has helped reduce general aches and pains and develop better muscle tone and posture enabling her to manage her busy schedule I have had several Alexander Technique sessions so far and have started to re-learn how to use my body in a way that is aiding me into [...]

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Reduced Neck and Back Pain

M.J.H. of Lympstone explains how AT has reduced neck and back pain and made life more manageable Having suffered from quite severe back and neck pain for many years, I was encouraged to try the Alexander Technique. I am now virtually pain free. It has helped every day chores become manageable and I feel much [...]

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Improve Confidence, Posture and Self Esteem

M.H. of Kingskerswell has improved confidence, posture and self esteem Because I am tall I have always felt the need to shrink myself down, to fit in with everyone else (and to disappear if possible because I am not a particularly confident person!). In fact, once I started lessons it became apparent that my posture [...]

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Reduce Medication!

A.B. of Newton Abbot has improved confidence in giving presentations and explains how AT has helped reduce stress and medication Learning the Alexander Technique has improved my confidence and allowed me to overcome my fear of doing presentations. My stress levels have reduced and I have been able to significantly reduce medication I take for [...]

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