One lesson can get you back on track!

Having a lesson on Thursday afternoon was an absolute godsend and I've felt so much more relaxed and in tune with everything !  I had a very quiet evening after my lesson, and a really long active rest before bed, and although my back was still uncomfortable during the night, I felt better and better [...]

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Dartmoor Retreat for Alexander Technique Teachers

Dartmoor Weekend Retreat for Teachers of the Alexander Technique 4th-6th May 2108 Get away from it all!  Spend time in the spectacular setting of Dartmoor National Park.  May is a beautiful time of year and there will be carpets of bluebells  in the woods. This Weekend Retreat is designed for like minded people to spend [...]

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Freedom in Movement

The Alexander Technique can change your life! Join this popular 4 week course with others who have discovered its benefits and who now live life with reduced pain and discomfort, more energy and increased freedom in movement, Each course will be built around the needs of the participants.  The group size is maximumof 8 people [...]

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New Year New You

Take on a new challenge for 2018.  Learn how to look after yourself and lose those winter blues .... treat yourself to a batch of 6 x   one to one lessons!  Cost £175

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The 4 week Alexander Technique Course has started in Denbury!

What a productive morning we had on Friday and what a great start to the course.  I have summarised some of the thoughts  shared at the beginning of the course and have divided  ideas into two sections: Reasons for practising Alexander Technique and Most important things to remember when practising Alexander Technique.   Reasons for [...]

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