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These are just some of the many comments made by participants to describe their personal experiences of the 2021 Dartmoor Retreat.

“Brilliant; fabulous; such fun as we learn; really really lovely; really really relaxing; I’ve felt so looked after; it’s been perfect. It’s been just what I needed in the middle of our peak busy time on the farm – I’ve only texted or communicated with family when someone texted to say, there’s a cow in the river”

Some participants who have attended previous Dartmoor retreats included the following comments:

  • “The dynamics of the group certainly made the weekend a joy… and personally I am grateful for their kindness and assistance.”
  • “A truly great group, really friendly, supportive… all helped each other at all times, it really showed how well the group gelled. When out walking we all helped each other out at different times. No one was singled out as less capable.”
  • “A varied weekend with lots going on… if you were not enjoying one thing, the next moment something else you did enjoy.”
  • “I was desperately looking forward to the weekend, but it is a difficult time for me at the moment. When I arrived I was so tense and I really didn’t know whether I would be able to let go of the tension. I had feelings that it may be an absolute waste of time so, against the odds, whatever you do Kay, it obviously works.”
  • “The first walk was delightful. The second, initially an unwelcome challenge, especially walking downhill and in dense overgrowth, although the fear eased as the path cleared and, as the beauty of the River Dart emerged, I began to relax.”

Other comments from participants included: “The venue is great, beautiful relaxing and clean.” “The food was amazing, delicious and plentiful, the setting, stunning.” The hospitality was first class.”  “Gabrielle, Andy and their ladies have all looked after us very well and provided excellent accommodation.” One participant, tongue in cheek, stated “I did especially like the waitress on night 2,” (which was farming proprietor, Andy)!

Another: “I am really grateful to Gabrielle and Andy, who have been so accommodating with me being Vegan, I really do appreciate that. I so look forward to the next one!”

Other feedback reflected the benefits gained by individual individuals during the weekend:

  • “The Alexander Technique helped me to relax and listen to my body far beyond expectations.”
  • “I found great benefit in raising the height of my walking pole so that I don’t stop and lean over.”
  • “I learned to stay with myself and release during active rest.”
  • “I have built on what I’ve learned from previous lessons.”
  • “I am more aware when I pull back my head, and can manage to resist this habitual reaction better.”
  • “I can stand on my toes, which I thought I would never be able to do after my foot surgery.”
  • “I am able to align my body more naturally and I hope that I can continue this in my daily life.”
  • “In the past I wore foot supports and suffered a lot of pain, after the first retreat I attended, I worked with AT when I could, and have managed to give the supports up completely. With the combination of AT and reflexology I have discarded my foot supports and it is so good not to have constant pain.”
  • “I learned how to release the tension in my bum…what a weird weekend Kay, you have told me that so many times, but now I get it.”
  • “First time I’ve come here without any pain or special footwear and I managed to do that walk yesterday, which was amazing.”

A rainy Dartmoor walk with Kay Cady - Alexander TechniqueFrom one participant, who has attended all five of the Retreats that I have run:

  • “They’ve all been wonderful… It is a great reminder, reinforcement of what I have learned from previous Alexander Technique lessons. The pandemic messed up my training so haven’t done much AT for 18 months or so.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how many times I do this weekend, there is always something that stands out to me and really resonates with me… I’m sure its stuff that Kay has already mentioned many times before but, in this particular moment, that is when I say to myself, I can really work with that now.”
  • “I am discovering the subtle differences between focus, over-focus, under-focus…. Having an awareness of what is going on. I realised how much of a challenge it was to lightly focus on something whilst maintaining awareness of my surroundings.  I am looking forward to exploring this, as opposed to my default setting over-focus mode.”
  • “The knees leading… I finally got what that might mean and so I have been experimenting with lifting my foot so that the foot is walking and, comparing it with the knee is moving forward and the foot follows. And it feels different. I don’t know how, why, or what, but I can tell there is a difference, and I can work with that now.”
  • “Experimenting with breathing and talking… you can’t talk when you are breathing in, I am now avoiding gasping in air and exploring this.”
  • “I will also explore how I breathe in while I am in conversation- at the moment, I have no idea whether it is through my nose or my mouth!”

Finally, feedback from one new member:

“A very enlightening introduction to the Alexander Technique. I knew nothing about the AT and thought it must be about the body. I wanted to ensure that I didn’t sink into the posture of an old lady and want to look after myself and stay well. I have learned a lot, most usefully being how to walk down hill, but know there is more to learn, I want to follow it up.  I hope I can drag along some of my family as well… because they need it! I am much more aware and have begun to look out ahead rather than to the ground. It has been lovely to meet so many other people, who have been so helpful to me especially on the walk. I nearly chickened out of the second walk but was so pleased I did it. I think I’m reasonably fit, but my legs were getting a bit wobbly by the end, because I was tired.”

Participants collaboratively expressed that they were already really looking forward to the next Dartmoor Retreat. So, 2022 Brimpts Farm, here we come! Places for the retreats fill up quickly, so do contact me if you are interested in joining us on the next one. You can also fill in the form below to sign up for news and updates.

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Dartmoor Retreat 2021 - Kay Cady Alexander Technique