Here is what the participants are saying about our recent Alexander Technique Retreat:

Why join an Alexander Technique retreat?

“It’s good to examine Alexander Technique regularly and is good to take something away from each time; today I’m taking away friendship and confidence and I am learning to trust the way I walk.”
“Despite the fact that I do a lot of AT and Yoga every week it’s nice to have some dedicated time away. Carve out a block of time to practice uninterrupted by daily life, this is important and not indulgent.”
“This is my first Alexander Technique retreat and I felt relaxed from the moment I arrived, this was wonderful.”
“My first retreat and I felt very welcome, it has been as if coming away with a group of best friends”
“I really appreciated the support of the group, as I have been laid up for so long. Actually, I was terrified of coming. What an absolutely lovely group, supportive, friendly, kind, it’s been like sharing time with friends “
“No matter how many times I come on these weekends, I never leave thinking I didn’t get anything from that, done that before. Every single time there is something new and really interesting as it is always evolving. “
“This is my 4th retreat and I keep coming back because its beneficial to me in how I move and how I do things makes such a difference in my everyday life.”
“There are things that I can do now that I didn’t ever think I could.”

How and what do we learn?

“I love learning basics: mapping and studying the body / mind and how they interact”
“Working in pairs, you learn just as much by watching other people and from their feedback watching you, it’s a different kind of feedback than Kay would give you but is just as useful. Everyone looks at things differently and you share ideas and tips, and it helps make sense of it all.”
“It has been very useful to learn how to build AT into daily life including walking, hobbies; exercise routines including yoga”

Applying Alexander Technique

“I love the smart yoga and the huge benefits of underpinning with Alexander Technique”
“I loved the work on the vision and the peripheral vision really interesting to experiment with. I noticed how much my head ached when over focussing.”
“In everything I do I generally close my eyes to concentrate. With the eyes alert and seeing the big picture, I am more present in the moment, my balance improves, and I feel less afraid of falling.”
“Finding peripheral vision and being in the moment, is life enhancing; It enables me to be more aware of everything around me, instead of focussing inward and not noticing anything”
“Contemplating the length of the spine and how important to have space in between the vertebrae was fascinating. I have been watching a farmer struggling with his back: this brings my attention to the importance of the soft alignment of the body. Experimenting with the foot placement and how the alignment finds itself was very useful.” “I felt more confident, walking out on rough, uneven ground.”
“I wasn’t aware of where to place my feet to balance and was generally standing with my feet too wide apart… Better awareness of this is helping my balance”

Walking out

“We placed our learning from the morning’s class into practice when out walking in the afternoon. We were asked to consider and work with the aspect that resonated with us from the class and then build other aspects in real time.”
“It’s like learning to drive a car: clutch, gears, and brakes -you can’t think of which to focus on. By building each aspect up separately and then together helps the brain put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together and simplifies the learning process”
“Walking in nature is so restorative.”
“My walking across rough terrain was much better, I wasn’t ‘sticking’ in my legs, and I discovered I wasn’t relying on my walking stick”
“Walking out enabled me to put into practice what I have been learning on a one-to-one basis with Kay. During the Retreat I have gained more confidence and it has taught me that I do not need to look down at the ground and that I need to engage my peripheral vision and this has definitely helped my balance. It has made a dramatic difference to how I feel about waking on that sort of ground. I have in the past been scared of falling over and today I felt right up there!!!”

Smart Yoga

”It’s all about the Yoga… some of you ladies are really inspirational”
“I am aware now that some of my family members are not flexible and maybe I too need to be doing this. This smart yoga allows us to move according to our flexibility and we are encouraged to know our limits. Using Alexander Technique, I can experiment with whether my body wants to lengthen a bit further or whether it is happy where it is , and not be tempted to not try to keep up with everyone.”
“The only way I can honestly cope with exercise is to apply it to everyday life. Smart Yoga enabled me to experiment with the movements we make each and everyday and to do it safely within our own flexibility “
“Salute to the sun is a flowing movement pattern which helps lengthen all the muscles in the body. Breaking it down and applying Alexander Technique to each section helped me find best practice, so important!”

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