Review of the Alexander Technique Retreat – October 2022

I have just returned from our October 2022 Retreat. We had an amazing time!

The next Retreat is 5th May – 7th May, 2023.  At present it is full, but I will be happy to add you to a waiting list.  (There are often some who have to cancel, due to life getting in the way.)

I am also offering another retreat 29th September – 1st October, 2023.

Please do contact me for details , 01803813894 or visit my website:

The following feedback from participants of the October 2022 Retreat provides some examples of how they felt about the weekend and their experiences:

“Every single thing about the weekend has been perfect.  I love my room, I love the Barn, I love the walks, I enjoyed the banter alongside the Alexander Technique instructions, and the food was sublime.  What I’ll take away from the weekend is that, although for a while I was in two minds whether to continue with the Alexander Technique, I am now convinced that I really want to, and that I will make myself afford it.  It’s something I aspire to for my future, to look after my Body Mind and Soul, and improve my life going forward in any way I can.”

 “Not sure what I was expecting from the weekend- I never quite understood how Alexander Technique could be used to create wellness, but now I have been able to experience it myself.  Also watching others practising, I have noticed a flow of energy through the body.”

“I think it is important also to see ourselves as a system and that our breathing is connected to all parts of that system.”

 “I guess it’s about seeing us connected in every way” [Each part of our body mind and spirit, the environment and each other]

“The amazing venue supports what is being taught – stripping things down, being comfortable, but prioritising functionality.  The luxury is within us, we don’t need a luxurious environment- we just need to know how to access it.”

“It is a non-threatening environment, and I didn’t, in any way, feel overawed. “This environment is totally conductive to healing”. “There was no pressure, I felt I could move forward at my own pace. Being mindful and bringing a sense of balance into our lives, Alexander Technique gives us permission to be ourselves and build on that. When anxiety creeps in, it stops me from coming back to myself. This weekend I have been able to stop long enough to think about a different way of living my life.”

“The focus this weekend has been on ME and looking after my SELF, without guilt, without judgement, and without fear of judgement.  I have felt comfortable with being observed by my peers and supported by them.  I have not felt intimidated or bullied by Kay, she has a completely non-judgemental approach.  I am learning to let go of tension and release aches and pains that prior to the Retreat, seemed to be constant.”

“I tend to feel anxious in a social situation, but not this weekend, I have been totally comfortable, relaxed  and have been looked after like royalty! In fact, I have loved meeting new people and hearing their stories. Although some of us had never met before, it has been so lovely to witness everyone so open to change and so curious to explore and experiment together.”

“These retreats seem to get better everytime!”

“I do practice Alexander Technique but need reminders.  I need to stop before I approach an activity, and then evaluate whether I can do less to achieve more fluidity and ease.  That will help me to reserve energy and maintain wellness long term”

“I feel that can now notice habits of standing, sitting and alignment, that are not helpful and affect my balance.”

“This weekend has crushed all my long-held beliefs, and my approach to do something.  Before I thought I needed to do something faster, better, higher, but now I will think about the need to care about yourself.  We need to care about our bodies because we only have one body.  We need to be gentle and kind to ourselves.  I just need to stop and breathe”

“Changing behaviours and values was most interesting and has helped me explore whether what I think are my values and beliefs are my own, or have been passed on by parents or the society I was raised in.  I now accept that I can let go of those, if I wish;  that I have choice and can trust myself to establish my own values.”

[There were many references to breathing through the nose]:

“I was previously unaware that very frequently I breathe through my mouth. Now I can bring my attention to the breath coming in through the nose and gradually change this harmful habit. “Stopping and listening to our natural pattern of breathing helps.”

[This Evaluation was a spoken discussion and raised a really important issue regarding how we respond to a stimulus]:

“Knowing you are going to be asked to speak about your experience is threatening and is sometimes considered ‘the circle of death, as you begin to realise that it will be your turn next.  Notice the anxiety that creeps in and how your heartbeat races!”

“I would not be aware of that manifestation of fear in my body, prior to learning the Alexander Technique, but I now know how to deal more effectively to my response to this stimulus.”

[In a similar way there were comments from group members about, stopping to notice how a habitual response can easily hijack our intention to change our thinking.  How to find a more effective way of handling a physical activity or manage a mentally difficult situation].

“We all look 6 years younger than we did when we arrived, all the cares of the world have been taken away for a few hours, and we can walk out and face the world again. I feel as though I don’t need to rush through life at 100 miles an hour.”


Participant quotes are in inverted commas and comments in brackets are my additions for clarity. Kay Cady

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