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Here is the feedback from Group members who attended in May:

Evaluation of the Dartmoor Retreat May 2017

The venue is lovely, the rooms are very comfortable (I brought with me a little mattress in case the bed was hard , but I didn’t need it. )’  The food was great and the company  fun.  The group were inclusive and no-one was left out.’ ‘There was a mixed group which made it interesting … from 30+ years to 70+ years and we all learnt from each other’

 Why come for a whole weekend experience?

‘I have gained much more knowledge attending a whole weekend rather than a day workshop and feel I can work with this knowledge and practise it.  I now know what I have been doing badly and can now progress forward.’

‘I really appreciated observing others and noticing that they sometimes have similar issues and other times different issues that are causing them problems.  This helped me to feel  Ok with  sharing and discussing  my stuff within the safety of the group.’

‘I know realise how much I use my neck in everyday life and spending a weekend without distractions has been  good space to  enable myself leave me alone’

 Some people came on the Retreat last year … and they also gained lots from the weekend:

‘I have noticed  the difference in me since last year, it  has been endorsing.  I am now trusting myself to go forward with it because I love all of it.’

‘I have coped much better this year than I did last year, I didn’t do the second walk last year, but I did this year and have gained confidence with my walking, because it has worried me that I can’t walk a lot.  Taking smaller steps is paramount.   I also know that when my back is really bad the only way to get relief is to lie down  on my back in semi supine, and it really takes the pain away.  This year I have benefitted a lot.

‘This has been a lovely refresher course, remembering everything and yet noticing how I have got into some bad habits.   I loved the learning whilst doing something,   (whilst walking on dartmoor). This was really helpful.  I’ve learned how to leave myself alone, not to push myself, and be a bit kinder to myself. ‘

‘I did come last year  but really to support my wife, but  this time I found  that I am picking  up certain things  which have great value for example semi supine … even just standing and sitting  and bending and strengthening the body, I am hoping to be able this will help my croquet playing!’

‘I was surprised at how easily I went down that slope. I felt more confident, more sure on my  feet, last year I was  a little more  worried about it.’

‘I am better this year than last, more confident in my movements, in fact.   I notice that I am more naturally attempting to be in alignment, but this is quite difficult because you can’t be sure that you are, you have to trust that you are and send your directions.’

The best thing  for me?….You noticing that I have made progress since last year as I have been  practising and I feel so much better and learning to use my feet well.

Individual reflections

Stopping, that’s the big thing stopping.  The tricky bit is going to be disciplining myself to keep it up.’

The STOP really resonates with me, taking that moment to stop, relax and release the tension,  that is really important and I will take that way with me.   I also enjoyed the walking and being more observant.   I am the kind of person who tends to miss what is going on around because I look down in thought when I am walking.   People say, I saw you yesterday, and waved, but you didn’t wave back!  I am so wrapped up in my thoughts and looking down. I am often thinking of the next thing rather than enjoying the present moment.’

‘It was all very good, and the best bit for me was the active rest. I do this when I practise Yoga, but it always felt like a cop out, but now I understand that I am working on myself, which I had not thought about before.  Yes , that’s given me permission, because I now know it’s really helping me. ‘

‘For me it was the big realisation of how I’ve been using my neck unnecessarily, in everything I do.’

‘For me it’s finding ways to release the tension in my hip. I am now more stable on my feet, more confident and more able to trust the teacher’

‘I am more proud of myself than I have acknowledged to you.. I have learned to not pull or push myself, not haul myself up or overreach and instead learned  how to use less effort and not overuse muscles doing everyday things…

‘I am taking smaller steps which enable me to remain more in alignment,  and more in balance. Also making sure steps, not moving one foot unless the other is safe’