We had a great day on Saturday on the ‘Build  Alexander Technique into your daily life’ workshop. Below are some of the comments made about the day. Still spaces this Thursday if anyone is interested.

If you can’t make this Thursday but would like to attend a similar workshop, let me know and i will gather a few people and arrange a future date.

‘An enjoyable and informative day with Kay looking at how A.T. helps with everyday movements and jobs around the home. It was good to be in a group, we learnt from observing each other under the watchful and experienced eye of Kay who gave us helpful guidelines to do any task with least effort whilst caring for your body. This was my first experience of A.T. and I experienced first hand how helpful the technique is in teaching me to avoid causing any harm to my body and to keep it in healthy alignment. We had a lovely lunch and the day was most congenial.’

‘The rain today encouraged me to clean a large room today from top to bottom and I accomplished that without causing myself any pain so I must have learnt something!! ‘

‘I enjoyed yesterday and find I am very aware how I bend and stretch even putting the dog food on the floor and picking up bowls.’

‘I found my hips. Maybe we could find if my other bones are in the right place!’