Denbury Church Cottage  Feb – March 2016

A selection of comments from the group:

‘Loved the course, loved the company and the laughter’ and the venue is very comfortable’

Four  weeks is a nice bite size chunk you can manage and the  length of sessions  (3 hours) is about right.

‘ I have found the course very beneficial, for helping me to improve my posture, which at present  is  dreadful’

I am now aware that Alexander Technique is  a philosophy of life and not an exercise routine.

‘I am more aware of bad habits and how I can change’   I realise how important  it is to be open minded.  The sessions have been very interesting ,  I have  insights into how my body might work, but doesn’t at the moment!’ ‘ I need to practise now’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed  working in this group.’ ‘Working in a group helps’.   ‘  we gelled nicely’

‘Watching other people move,  has been a huge benefit.’ ‘ expectations fully met’

‘ I have learnt  to STOP and I’m actively trying to try to reconsider how I move in everyday life’

When dancing, ‘I am doing less extreme stretching in my warm up routine and although I dance after a full working day, I am finding my back is hurting slightly less and I am less exhausted.’

I am more aware of my sitting bones and how I can relax my muscles. I recognise the limitations of my knees  but my ankle is slowly improving. ‘

‘ I wanted things to feel easier in by body and it is beginning to happen.I am beginning to release my  neck, and loosen up a bit’


‘I am now beginning to incorporate Alexander Technique into my lifestyle’