‘A day out on  Dartmoor’

Very successful workshop, well attended, applying the Alexander Technique to ‘Walking on Dartmoor’ the activity is going to be repeated in September, so book early to reserve your space!

Below are some of the comments from the lovely ladies who attended the day! A collection of evaluative comments from clients who attended the  ‘Walking on Dartmoor’  workshop :


All aspects of the day were very enjoyable’. ‘superb lunch’ was’ just right’ and the ‘Lovely venue’, ‘a perfect setting for doing the practical’. ‘Great mix of theory and practice and I really liked the application’ ‘I so enjoyed meeting everyone It is always good to combine education and socialising in pleasant surroundings which create a very good atmosphere for learning.’


‘The learning achieved on Saturday will help me reduce those aches and pains that I commonly experience.’


‘The course was presented very well. I liked the way you explained the aims of the day, your own experience and demonstrated each activity. ‘


‘a big thank you for checking with me if I was okay before undertaking some of the activities’


Iluminating aspects:  ‘taking the time to stop and think about how I was moving and about relaxing my muscles to enable support and control of my body to its full potential and well being.’

‘We  are going to have great fun on our next walk applying our “walking learning”.  Overall, I struggle with the amount of sitting I have to do at work and will incorporate more neck relaxation and upper back widening.’


‘ My book and blanket are ready in my office at home to do a 5-10 minute lie down after work tomorrow – and hopefully sustain that at least 3 working days out of 5. (I would like to say 5;5, but am trying to make a realistic start!)’