Body Mapping Workshop

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This year I am offering the opportunity of a series of individual workshops which will offer Smart Yoga underpinned by Alexander Technique. Group size will be 5 people maximum, so that I can give each person some individual attention.

They will not be a fast moving flow yoga, but more a way of discovering how the body moves and what moves help you as an individual and most importantly, what not to pursue at this moment in time, if it is not working for you. We are all different, our bone structures and flexibility differ hugely from one person to another. The classes will be experimental, I will adapt activities to meet your individual needs and we will observe and learn from each other. There will be discussion. The moves will help you to become stronger and more flexible and we will apply them to everyday activities in your everyday movement, whether it is loading a dishwasher or digging the garden.

This first session (“Body Mapping”) is all about discovering how your body moves, using joints designed for movement, awaken muscles that are dormant.

All the muscles in the body need to engage in movement, yet we seem to overuse and strain ourselves, by just engaging superficial muscle. We bend and move the back unnecessarily when we should be using joints designed to bend. In time our body starts to complain. Movements are habitual, we have changed our innate ability to move well as a child allowed ourselves to copy others and be distracted by the stimulus of life.

Knowledge is Power! Discover how you are functioning in life and learn how to change behaviour to become more comfortable in your body, more efficient in activity and unleash more energy.

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