Developing confidence and self belief

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There is not one emotion that doesn’t affect our physical presentation; anger, fear, sadness, depression, all display themselves in our bodies. Emotions have not just shaped us mentally, they have also shaped us physically, and we portray ourselves to the world by the way we think and react. The way we respond to a stimulus becomes habitual. Poise and Confidence go hand in hand. We sit up and listen to someone who commands their space, but may not notice someone who sits quietly in a corner afraid to speak up because they don’t want to mess up and look stupid. However, although inside we know we have something worthwhile to say, we are not sure whether it will come out as we would like to be heard, so we continue to sit in the corner quietly frustrated.

When we have low self-esteem, we can end up being isolated.

Join this small group of five like-minded people and learn how to find your voice and be noticed.

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