Kitchen preparation and cooking

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It is difficult for most people to stand for any length of time in one place. We are built for movement. However, learning how to stand will put less strain on your whole body. Finding natural movement whilst you are moving around the kitchen will help.

NB: View the information on the first ‘Body Mapping’ session held in February… if you understand how your body is designed you will manage it more effectively. If you missed this session and would like to book another Body Mapping session with a group, let me know and I will organise another date.

When using the arms and hands whether peeling, whisking, chopping or kneading, does your neck, shoulder, and or back ache? Have you considered that if you learned how to support your weight over your feet, you may not need to make so much effort with your arms and you definitely won’t need to use your neck muscles. When you have this knowledge and are able to apply it, life gets easier and kitchen work less of a drudge. You may then start to enjoy being creative in the kitchen, instead of it being a chore.

Join this workshop and discover how to look forward to cooking with ease.

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