Presence when speaking in public

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This session links to the session on June 20th or can be booked as a standalone session.

Do you have confidence issues when faced with presenting information to a board or speaking in public, or maybe you are getting married and are worried about making a speech?

Learn how to occupy your space and command the interest of a group.

Often, we are asked at work to present a report to a group of people or to lead meetings. Or, maybe you have a passionate interest in your hobby and would like to present information to others in an interesting and engaging manner.

Learn how to engage others by being yourself. Speak clearly with less hesitation by managing your breathing. Project your voice without shouting whilst standing confidently and commanding the space you occupy.

Here’s what Adam (not his real name) said about his experience of learning from me, and using the Alexander Technique to help him with a very important speech:

“In just six weeks, Kay gave me a whole new perspective on public speaking. Her expertise in the Alexander Technique enhanced my posture, breathing, and confidence, transforming my wedding speech anxiety into a joyful and authentic expression. Her personalised sessions highlighted and corrected my limiting habits, profoundly changing not just my speech but my overall presence. Kay’s guidance was a journey beyond technique, leaving me with a lasting sense of empowerment. I have benefitted from the impact of her guidance beyond my wedding day and can confidently say the Alexander Technique is now a mainstay of my day-to-day life, whether that be in correcting my posture, improving my communication or giving me the confidence to be my truest self. Thanks Kay!”

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