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Look after your Self.

Have you noticed that all my advertised workshops from February to November have been all about you?  And that really, this session “Look after yourself” should have been the second one, not the eleventh.   When planning these sessions, I expected people to choose the very practical tangible element of improving their lifestyle: gardening, cooking, working etc.  So, I am offering this one so that you can feel a little self-indulgent prior to the mad month of December.  The last ten months have hopefully offered you some sound advice on how to live your life to the full, no matter what you are ‘doing’.

This month is designed to come back to the basics of really taking care of your Self.

If you have been following these workshops, you will notice they are, in fact, ALL about you and how you live your life. This month is designed to come back to the basics of all the movements involved to wash and dry your body and feet and your hair.  Noticing what you do to yourself when tying shoelaces or brushing teeth. Also, how you sit at the table and give your body space to digest your food, rather than in a slump in front of the TV! Yes, I do that sometimes too!  Build some good habits into your life and your body will reward you and thank you for it.  Indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome may become a thing of past.

Join us to spoil your self with some home care, in preparation for the busy month of December…. More beneficial than going for a massage – that would be great too, but changing the way you lead life has longevity.

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