General Feedback

‘Warm Welcome and the fresh air, getting out on the moors and making the most of the poor weather . The venue and accommodation [ Brimpts Farm]  Dartmeet were excellent. Wonderful food:  all  the staff went out of their way enable every one of us to enjoy the eating experience. They did a stirling job of providing for a wide range of dietary requirements including  vegan food, dairy free, wheat and gluten free. ‘‘ I feel good, I feel very relaxed now and will go way and try and put what I have learnt into practice…. I really don’t want to go back to normal life’


Course  Content

‘ The initial presentation was great as I didn’t know what to expect as I know nothing about Alexander Technique.   The content of the course was good, interesting and varied. The programme evolved according to our needs and was flexible. Walks were moved according to the weather  and not  regimented.’

The Group members

‘Great Group of people that gelled well…. that makes a difference and we have been lucky…   a great mix  and we have learned from each other, through observation and discussion! There is a lot to think about, and also a lot I can apply’

‘I have done some AT before in the dim and distant past and it’s nice to think that I have some muscle memory and this weekend has brought it to the fore again and reawakened my interest.’

‘After the last Dartmoor Retreat in April, I embarked on a series of lessons and  over the last two months have been  unaware of the progress I have made… but Kay noticed  an improvement and that has really helped me to understand that the improvement is gradual  and  subtle and does not need to be extensive to make a marked difference.  A wonderful refresher course.  I know I need to be aware of myself and be open to relearn.’

‘ I like the fact that coming away for the weekend gives you the opportunity to focus on what you are learning , as in the workplace and at home, your familiar surroundings allow you to return to habitual patterns of movement.  I am continually pulled out of myself. Also in active rest it can take me 20 minutes to get some release at home , but just now, I felt that I could immediately allow the release.’

‘My partner has explained AT to me but this weekend  has open up a whole new  concept .  The biggest thing that I have learnt is how much tension I hold in my lower body which I didn’t realise could be an issue of concern.  Applying what I have learnt will be more difficult, but it has given me a lot to think about.  As a young person,  I have observed other more senior members of the group how inappropriate use of the Self  can  have a huge impact on your health, and I would like to do my best to prevent the onset of these  disabilities.