Free your natural singing voice at one of our fun, Devon-based workshops. Singing is renowned for its health benefits. The Alexander Technique is also renowned for its health benefits. Put the two together and have fun improving your health and well being! Kay Cady, Alexander Technique teacher will help you to improve your posture, reduce tension, breathe and sing with less effort. Rachel Belringer will lead the singing.

  • Experience how to engage your whole body and mind to truly free your natural singing voice
  • Release tension and rid yourself from physical and mental habits that are blocking your progress
  • Practise active rest to realign the spine and re-energise
  • Discover how to interpret and integrate current singing techniques with less effort

This full-day workshop will be filled with fun exercises and song, supported by the “hands on” Alexander Technique advice on improved, tension-free posture and effortless singing.

This workshop is led by:

Rachel Belringer – Singing Teacher

Kay Cady – Alexander Technique Teacher

Contact me for more information, future dates and locations.