What a fabulous day of discovery we experienced on Saturday on the Free your Natural Singing Voice Workshop. We sang some pretty simple songs, led by Rachel Belringer  whilst experimenting with Alexander Technique and noticing how engaging and maintaining our peripheral vision enables a more balanced and improved posture, giving us space to breathe, helping us to release the jaw and resulting in an open throat to enable resonance.

It was the first workshop in a set of 4, one to be held every month.  They can stand alone so do join us for the next one, July 14th!  Or later workshops  if you are interested.

Over the next four weeks course members will be practising the following

  • Notice how engaging and maintaining your peripheral vision enables a more balanced and improved posture.  Whenever you feel you are losing it, just keep reminding yourself.  It  gives us space to breathe, helps us to release the jaw and  notice how it allows more space in the mouth cavity, resulting in an open throat  and this improves resonance.
  • Practice active rest everyday… listen to the voice recording which talks you through active rest.    Use the same number of paperback books that you used in class to support your head.  Don’t stay on the floor any longer than you are comfortable.
  • Find a flat bottomed chair and sit in it every day for a short time to allow your back to lengthen in space, unsupported.  Remember to  find your sitting bones, think you neck free so that your back can lengthen and widen.  Move BEFORE your back complains!!
  • Sing sing sing
  • One of the course member feedback:
  • I’m trying to remember to breathe through my nose too, and also  used Rachel’s voice warm up technique yesterday (si-‘ng’….) before singing/playing in Cider Bar and it really helped !
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Sat morning and am very much looking forward to the next one on the 14th July – will definitely be there !
  • Much love and thanks to you and Rachel – I just love the way you do the workshops together – you complement each other perfectly !