Someone once said to me, ” Learning the Alexander Technique is the best present you can give yourself”  At the time I was not sure quite what was meant by this…. Now I do!  Your health is vital to your happiness.

If you have had lessons and it is working  for you, or if you have been advised that Alexander Technique could help a loved one, why not give a voucher as a present.  Help someone you know  who could benefit.

There are a range of vouchers  to choose from that  could be for  an individual lesson (£35), or a set of six lessons (£175)  or you can put  an amount towards individual amount towards  lessons, a workshop or a course.  If you would like to specify the specific amount, a voucher can be tailor-made to your requirements… just contact me!

£35 gift voucher

for one lesson

£175 gift voucher

for six lessons

£50 gift voucher

£100 gift voucher

£250 gift voucher