M.H. of Kingskerswell has improved confidence, posture and self esteem

Because I am tall I have always felt the need to shrink myself down, to fit in with everyone else (and to disappear if possible because I am not a particularly confident person!). In fact, once I started lessons it became apparent that my posture is not so bad but my self-consciousness has always made me look down. It is very refreshing and illuminating to be told that I can stand up to my full height, and look up. The Technique has planted a little note in my head to ‘think tall’; it feels empowering to be allowed to think this. I started lessons soon after I started singing in a chorus and I can apply many of the Technique’s ideas into singing and performance. And there is a picture of me on Facebook looking maybe just a little bit like the Alexander Technique teachers I aspire to, standing tall, relaxed and confident, I’m getting there!