What happens during a session? You will be encouraged to develop spatial awareness and behavioural awareness. I will help you to recognise postural issues which may be associated with habits of muscular tension, and encourage you to be more aware of your breathing.

The Alexander Technique is not a therapy, it is an education.

Your potential may have been squashed by people either telling you what to do, or doing it for you. It is about you learning how to control your own life which in turn will release your full potential, giving you more freedom, in mind, body and spirit.

As you will be constantly moving in a lesson, please wear loose-fitting comfortable trousers and top.

You will not be asked to spend time outside the lesson undertaking exercises as you will learn to incorporate the Technique into what you do every day. I will simply ask you to think certain thoughts whilst you are carrying out the activities.

With a dedicated approach, the Alexander Technique can change your life.