Learning the Alexander Technique can provide new hope … and  renewed enthusiasm for life!

One member of the Dartmoor Retreat has kindly allowed me to publish  how the weekend has helped her specifically.  Sian was unable to take part in the walks but enjoyed the classroom work, the camaraderie and mostly her discovery as to how the Technique could help her specifically. The Alexander Technique shed a light on her life, so that she can now see a way forward with less pain and  more freedom in  movement:  Sian Morton suffers from ME , fibromyalgia, disc damage in her back, sciatic pain, headaches, high blood pressure, poor balance, arthritis  in hip and knee joints. One knee has been replaced and the other is waiting to be replaced.  Her life has been ‘on hold’

 This is the feedback that she gave in a group verbal feedback session:

Thank you for running the course … it was a birthday present and to be honest, I thought it was a load of rubbish. But I have change my mind and I don’t easily have my mind changed.  I’ve been ill for so long and I didn’t think there was anything… and I know it won’t take away some of the other things but the fact that I haven’t been using my crutches at all is…oh I can’t even remember a time, plus the fact that I saw an improvement more or less immediately…. and I know there is a long way to go, there is a lot of work… I appreciate that.   Getting out of a chair ….which I haven’t done for a long time without literally screaming and cussing, for example.  It gave me some confidence. I think you are a great teacher, because you gave me the confidence to do it and I think the majority of  anything you do is,  based on you feeling that you can do it, and so I really appreciate that. I think one of the biggest things for me is, that I didn’t feel forced, because, if anyone tries to force me I’ll back off and then I block off and don’t listen. But the fact that it was all very easy and you can join in if you want or you can back off and walk away, gave me a lot of confidence, and I think it’s a great way of teaching… I took more in because of that. I’d like to do some more, I really would, so it’s made a big difference and I feel quite confident, thank you very much.  It was also a really nice group of people that would never have crossed paths with, so that is really nice and its lovely surroundings

 Then today, 5 days after the retreat I received this message:

I am a bit over tired today and resting as I have been busier than normal since I got back. I have not used my wheelchair once so far. Yesterday I took my crutches and leaned on them a teensy bit but they were mainly for balance and confidence. I saw my best friend on the Monday after the course and she noticed the difference a great deal and was very impressed. I am much more aware of my body now and can stop the burning neck and shoulder pain by reminding myself about my body posture. I have walked more than in the last few years in the last week! We went to a comedy festival last night and during the intervals I got up to move a little. One of the attendants asked what was wrong and I explained. She looked up the technique on her phone immediately! Of course you can use my feedback, and my name if it helps! X