Would you like to join a 5 week  introductory course in January 2020?   If so please let me know!

Friday mornings 9.30am – 12.30pm  Denbury Church Cottage   cost £90

Here is some feedback from some past group work courses:


A wonderful, useful and fun course with a calm and supportive atmosphere


Don’t wait to develop issues with your health and posture as I did before learning Alexander Technique, it is useful for everyone and underpins all hobbies and general everyday life skills.

On my short learning journey the Technique has helped enormously with my every day life skills.


I have been practising the Alexander Technique for 6 years now and it has transformed my life completely, physically, mentally and emotionally: these courses are invaluable.


I have loved the practical tips on how to deal with everyday situations, they have been invaluable!


Alexander Technique has transformed my sitting, walking and reacting to things.  I have less pain in my legs and knee.


I now realise that better function and movement can be achieved by being more relaxed.  With Alexander Technique gentleness and softness are the key.


My arthritic knee is much less painful


I now feel more aware of the tension in my body and am slowly learning to release it!


I understand the value of pausing and thinking of releasing and lengthening my back prior to sitting and standing


Alexander Technique is not an exercise routine , but a way of life. Having lived “my old way” for a very long time (80 years) I am finding it difficult to change  (but am told I have a much more upright posture and am progressing well). Practising and also maintaining what I managed to achieve during my learning, is important.  I hope in time and with some follow up 1-1lessons I will succeed. I felt very inspired and encouraged by the wonderful achievements other participants of the Course have made.


Whilst undertaking the course and fine tuning my  physical and mental awareness I discovered that my bicycle saddle and peddles needed slight adjustment to enable ease of movement.  This may seem small but has made a huge difference to my comfort in cycling.