Riding a bike with the Alexander Technique

We have great fun in our weekly Zoom workshops. This week we looked at sitting comfortably on the back of a bike and I helped Sue to find ease in riding a bike with the Alexander Technique. Take a look at the little video clip below of that part of the session! For more information [...]

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Introduction to Alexander Technique

Now is the time to look forward to life with renewed energy! Learning the Alexander Technique helps you to change harmful habits and enable you to move more in harmony with your natural design, improving clarity of thought, reducing tension  which causes  aches and pains and increasing energy levels. Join this 5 week course and [...]

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New : Back to Basics course January 2020

Would you like to join a 5 week  introductory course in January 2020?   If so please let me know! Friday mornings 9.30am - 12.30pm  Denbury Church Cottage   cost £90 Here is some feedback from some past group work courses:   A wonderful, useful and fun course with a calm and supportive atmosphere   Don’t wait [...]

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Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility

An Interview with Janet Carter who has found Alexander Technique hugely beneficial and talks about her journey and progress learning Alexander Technique. Part 1 Janet's history of illness and how she manages her life   Part 2 Janet's progress and ongoing journey with Alexander Technique  

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Freedom in Activity

There are a  few places left on the next Alexander Technique Course in Denbury.  Beat the winter blues and Join  like minded people  every Friday for 4 weeks!  Learn to

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Postural issues resulting in neck and back pain

I first visited Kay quite a few months ago for an introduction to the Alexander Technique as I had been having various neck and back issues and was looking for something that would help me. Little did I realise how much could be done to help me. As someone who is retired I had spent [...]

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Most of us suffer pain throughout our lives; a fall may result in broken bones, torn muscles etc; occupational stress frequently results in headaches or irritable bowel syndrome; worry often triggers tension which can cause pain throughout the whole body.    Exercise can result in pain due to overworking muscles, and pain killers may deaden the [...]

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Freedom in Activity

The Alexander Technique can change your life! Join this popular 4 week course with others who have discovered its benefits and who now live life with reduced pain and discomfort, more energy and increased freedom in movement, Each course will be built around the needs of the participants.  The group size is maximum of 8 [...]

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Thinking in activity 2

Join this 4 week course and spend time exploring how your thinking impacts not only on your mood, but also your physical self.  Discover how, by changing your thinking, you can improve your co-ordination, circulation, breathing and energy levels, which will in turn, lift your mood, enabling you to live life joyfully, and to your [...]

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Thinking In Activity: Embodied Mindfulness

Join this workshop and explore how your thinking impacts not only on your mood, but also your physical self.  Discover how, by changing your thinking, you can improve your co-ordination, circulation, breathing and energy levels, which will in turn, lift your mood, enabling you to live life joyfully, and to your full potential This is [...]

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Dartmoor Retreat September 2018

Make space and time for just you! Rather than spending your weekend worrying about others, find dedicated 'you' time in the spectacular setting of Dartmoor for the weekend 28-30 September. From only £209 fully inclusive of tuition and dinner on Friday to lunch Sunday. Staying at Brimpts Farm, where all rooms are comfortable and ensuite. [...]

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What we learned on the July 4 week course Church Cottage Denbury!

SPECIFICS: to give myself more time and space to just be. Which is funny as I always thought I already did A new meaning of what caring for my body really means Appreciation of God-given adaptive physiology How to relax generally Noticing how I fall back into habit too easily and too frequently when I [...]

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Building the Alexander Technique into everyday life!

I find Alexander technique is an absolute revelation.   We were on Portland for the Armed Forces weekend  and I practised walking to and from the pub where we had booked supper. Two miles there and two back, and also a lovely evening and wide flat pavements. It just felt right somehow and effortless. I [...]

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Free your Natural Singing Voice

What a fabulous day of discovery we experienced on Saturday on the Free your Natural Singing Voice Workshop. We sang some pretty simple songs, led by Rachel Belringer  whilst experimenting with Alexander Technique and noticing how engaging and maintaining our peripheral vision enables a more balanced and improved posture, giving us space to breathe, helping [...]

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