No need to limp!

16 years ago I had an operation to fuse my right ankle joint ( arthredisis ) due to severe arthritis. After a long and slow recovery I had to learn to walk again ….. imagine… it was like walking with a plaster cast on from foot to knee.

I was never offered physiotherapy.  My biggest challenges were hills and stairs.

As a result I developed a marked limp and consequently suffered a lot of back and hip pain. The hip pain was always worse at night.  After working long shifts as a nurse I would suffer greatly.

Kay suggested that I learn the Alexander technique . She made no promises but I think was excited by the challenge.  I will admit I was very sceptical…. I couldn’t see how this technique could overcome a physical disability.

After my first lesson I questioned whether I was committed enough  and still had my reservations….. what was this all about I asked myself!  I now am able to not only walk without a limp, sleep at night without hip pain but also able work a 12hour shift with far less effort and discomfort. I even feel more graceful when walking up and down stairs.

Every day, new tasks present a learning curve, I’m not saying it’s a miracle cure but every day  I am becoming so much more confident. My stress levels are also considerably reduced resulting in my body feeling far less tension.

Working as a nurse I carry pens in my top pocket…. if they fall out, I know I’m not bending correctly and I am learning to STOP .. and THINK I  !

AS Newton Abbot