Alexander Technique online

** New Online Course starts Tuesday 9th January 2024 **

Would you like to learn the Alexander Technique online? If you would like Alexander Technique support, I am now providing both one-to-one lessons and workshops via Zoom. If you already practice the Technique you may be interested in some virtual lessons. If you are new to the Technique you may like to find out more and experience an initial lesson, £40 per 45 minutes to include a recording of the session. Or if you prefer to learn in a more social environment, try a group workshop.

With an online lesson, you will not be able to experience any ‘hands on’ support but, in some ways, this may help you to become more independent and less reliant on the teacher; the Alexander Technique is principally about thinking and how that influences functioning.

I can demonstrate, verbally advise you, observe your practice and give you feedback just the same as if you were present in the room. On the first lesson we may have some teething issues until you get used to the technology, but this will be a good lesson in how to manage your reaction to the stimulus, apply your directions and continue without any tension or frustration. It’s a good lesson for us to not respond with tension to any frustrations of technology!

Alexander Technique online lessons will provide a good basic introduction for newcomers learning the Alexander Technique. However, I recommend that you do not rely totally on this method of learning and, when restrictions allow, personal one-to-one lessons are far more beneficial.

If you are interested, do contact me, letting me know days and times that are convenient. I can then book you in for a Tuesday group workshop or one-to-one Alexander Technique online session.

Smart Yoga online

Fun, interactive classes via Zoom. Based on Smart Yoga asanas. These are weekly small group sessions via Zoom, where we apply the principles of Alexander Technique to yoga.

Contact me for more information.

What people say about online lessons

“Apart from missing the hands-on aspect and the pleasure of interacting with others in the same room, Kay’s hour group sessions online are invaluable and definitely the next best thing. An hour online is more concentrated and calmer than an actual workshop, with no interruptions, and I think I’m probably learning even more that way. I’ve been feeling quite insular and sluggish after hibernating and eating far too many comfort foods during lockdown, but after just two online group sessions with Kay I already feel back in control and much more confident and comfortable, inside and out. I never stop learning about the Alexander Technique and about myself.” LS

“The session was so welcome, I have stiff shoulders and neck, and I feel AT will help!….and hope to come again and join the next Zoom on Wednesday. Lovely to see you and the other ladies. SH

“I thoroughly enjoyed today, Kay has adapted her course to suit Zooming. Learning lots of new things, also really simple techniques that I can do at home between now and next week! I’m now better able to relax and ‘ let it be’ from my hips to my feet. And From my neck to the top of head. It’s just my shoulders I need to release tension! I will be joining you next week!” SA

“Uplifting way to revisit AT and share with others my experience. Particularly like ‘where in my body can I find ease’ as this allows me to stop and feel where I am tense. I would like to join you again, this Wednesday morning with the ladies!” FB

“Kay’s online Alexander Technique sessions have made a significant difference to my well being during the COVID lock down. My zoom meetings with her have enabled me to build on previous hands on lessons, she is always extending on her own learning and applies this new knowledge expertly and professionally in a way that’s easy to understand. Feedback is always clear with good examples and demonstrations given, enabling you to see and feel improvements.

Kay has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connects and inspires and having received AT for a number of years from various providers, I can highly recommend this lovely practitioner.
Thank you Kay” A.C

“My 1-1 Alexander Technique lessons are personal and individual, which I wholeheartedly recommend. I have Motor Neurone Disease so Kay streamlines a programme to suit my specific needs and supports me through each step with expertise and care, explaining ‘why’ as we go. My weekly on-line Zoom lessons allow Kay to see my tensions and assist me to release them helping me maintain mobility, posture and self-worth.”

We live in hope that easing of lockdown restrictions may not be too far away but, in the meantime, are finding our own ways to cope with the situation including eating well, taking more regular exercise, and setting time aside for ourselves. Those who practice the Alexander Technique are very fortunate because they have learned strategies to help manage their well being.

For many, thinking only of themselves is not on the agenda – they are working harder than ever before and, being under increasingly new pressures, emotionally and physically. Whatever your situation, this could be the time to discover the opportunities that learning the Alexander Technique can offer for resetting and living life in a more sustainable way. Those who already practice the Technique will be familiar with how thinking and emotions affect physical well-being; they have a ‘toolbox’ to help in these situations. So, when things get difficult, they can revisit what has been learned.

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