What is sarcopenia? The British Medical Journal defines sarcopenia as “a progressive and generalised disorder of skeletal muscle strength, function and mass, that is most commonly associated with the normal ageing process”. [https://fg.bmj.com/content/12/1/53]

But how does it happen, why does it matter and what can we do about it?

Any loss of muscle matters because it lessens strength and mobility. Sarcopenia typically happens when we are older and generally move less, but it can happen after a long-term chronic illness. It’s a huge factor in frailty in the elderly and the likelihood of falls and fractures. It is a relatively modern disease. “Back in the day” men would chop wood and build fires amongst other manly tasks that needed strength. Women would wash bedlinen by hand, and hang them out on the line. They would also scrub floors on their hands and knees. AND there was no such thing as convenience food:  all food was prepared from scratch, chopping veg, stirring sauces, making bread. All by hand. Children were walked to school often long distances. They were not taken by car, by parents on their way to work to sit at a desk all day. In short, our strength and flexibility was maintained by our daily activities.

What we need to do now is replace all that hard work with not only more pleasurable activities such as walking, cycling and swimming, but with strength and flexibility work. This is where Smart Yoga can help.

Smart Yoga, has the same benefits of practising any yoga routine, yet it is accessible to all, not just for those who are very flexible. Ensuring the safe practice of Yoga without injury can be achieved by underpinning asanas with Alexander Technique. Asanas can be modified to meet your needs, at whatever point you start your journey. Your strength and flexibility will improve  gradually and you will begin to find life less stressful and be more energised.

Practising Smart Yoga regularly continually improves my personal fitness, strength and mobility.

I offer One to One lessons online or at my practice in Denbury.

Lessons are £40 per session, or you can buy a block : six for the price of five (£200)

What to expect in the sessions:

  • body mapping and how the body moves most naturally
  • strength and flexibility at your own safe level of ability
  • the principles of Alexander Technique, underpinning all asanas
  • asanas modified to meet your individual needs
  • I will observe your practice and provide feedback

I am able assist clients with a range of issues, including knee, hips, scoliosis and hypermobility, and rehabilitation following injury.

Contact me to book your first session, kay@kaycady.co.uk or call 01803 813894

There is also a regular online, small group session (zoom) available on Mondays from 12-1.15pm

Here is a testimonial from a current client’s experience of practising Smart Yoga:

I have practiced yoga for many years, discovering the Alexander Technique more recently. For a long while, I struggled to reconcile the two things. I know intuitively that they were both “doing me good” and helping me enormously with my back problems. But it seemed as though by learning the Alexander Technique, my enjoyment of yoga was being compromised. Whilst I felt that some postures were great for my spine, my knowledge of Alexander Technique led me to question whether this was true. I didn’t want to give up yoga, but I felt that my (somewhat limited) Alexander Technique knowledge might be indicating that I should.
It was Kay that helped me to bridge this gap, as I have come to realise that everything I do – dancing, hoovering, singing and playing music AND indeed yoga can be improved by using the Alexander Technique. My harmful habits in ordinary life are just as likely (perhaps even more likely) to crop up when I am practicing yoga.
Because Kay is both an AT teacher and a yoga teacher, she understands the great value of both, and how Alexander Technique can support a yoga regime. Kay’s fun approach and encouragement of experimentation has been instrumental in taking my yoga practice to a whole new level. Bringing the principles of Alexander Technique to my yoga classes has made my yoga more enjoyable, more beneficial and more enlightening. Perhaps even more surprising is my realisation that regular yoga practice improves your Alexander Technique! Smart Yoga is the perfect combination of both disciplines and my experience of learning Smart Yoga with Kay has been life-changing.”