Presenting Information

Do you have to present information to groups? Do you wish that you could speak with greater confidence and conviction?

Would you like people to enjoy listening, be inspired, motivated and learn from what you are saying?

If so, learning the Alexander Technique will improve your self esteem and help you to gain respect as you address a group of people with renewed confidence.

10 week Group courses (max 8 in a group) are available for businesses who wish to train staff in public speaking.

One to one sessions are available for individuals who wish to develop their skills in communication and public speaking.

Both one to one lessons and group sessions will include elements of the Alexander Technique that will assist you in presenting information. Activities will include communication skills, managing ‘stage nerves’, reading, storytelling and voice projection. If you so wish, the lessons can culminate in your preparing and delivering a short presentation.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss options.

About Kay

Kay worked as a teacher trainer at South Devon College (SDC) for 13 years, during which time she was Director for the SDC delivery of the Exeter University Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE and CertEd [FE]).

Kay has a Certificate in Education ( Exon) [FE] Masters Degree in Education (Exon) and MSTAT (Society website:

Kay Cady is now a self-employed teacher of the Alexander Technique and works on a one to one basis at her practice in Denbury. Kay also delivers group sessions in Alexander Technique for Learn Devon and has spent time teaching at the Totnes school for teachers of the Alexander Technique.

During her career as a teacher trainer, Kay assisted many people to improve their self esteem and overcome fear in giving presentations. Learning the Alexander Technique has enabled her to develop positive strategies that have proved effective in renewing energy and improving feelings of well being whilst learning how to project information using less effort and reducing tension and stress levels.


For reasons of confidentiality pseudonyms have been used.

In just six weeks, Kay gave me a whole new perspective on public speaking. Her expertise in the Alexander Technique enhanced my posture, breathing, and confidence, transforming my wedding speech anxiety into a joyful and authentic expression. Her personalised sessions highlighted and corrected my limiting habits, profoundly changing not just my speech but my overall presence. Kay’s guidance was a journey beyond technique, leaving me with a lasting sense of empowerment. I have benefitted from the impact of her guidance beyond my wedding day and can confidently say the Alexander Technique is now a mainstay of my day-to-day life, whether that be in correcting my posture, improving my communication or giving me the confidence to be my truest self. Thanks Kay!



Alan was bullied as a child  during his schooling and university education  and this had an extreme effect on his confidence and self esteem. After graduation he secured a good position as a scientist in a national company. His work requires him to present information to groups of people. Alan found this terrifying to the extreme, with the stress having an effect on his overall health and requiring strong medication. Alan decided to find out whether Alexander Technique could help him overcome his fears and  build his self esteem.

The testimonial below explains how Alan has improved confidence in giving presentations and explains how the Alexander Technique has helped reduce both the stress and the medication he was taking.

Learning the Alexander Technique has improved my confidence and allowed me to overcome my fear of doing presentations.

My stress levels have reduced and I have been able to significantly reduce medication I take for heartburn.


Alan has kept in touch with me and recently wrote to me saying:

On the public speaking front I’d like to think I’m doing quite well. In addition to the 30 minute seminar (to about 50 scientists) on the Olympics stuff, I also did a 15 min version at a conference in Reading in September.

Then in early November I did another seminar, this time jointly with my manager (who was very particular about what I should say!) to a room packed full of scientists. It is on such a high profile subject that the Executive Board want the talk done to senior managers in January!

The terror is still there, but with your help I can now keep it under control, so much so that I managed 2 talks to classes of Year 6 children last week (very rewarding!)

Thank you for your encouragement and support