Audio Testimonials

An Evaluation of a recent Posture and Movement Course. Three students discuss  their experiences:  One teenager  with back pain, One retired lady with knee pain and knee movement issues and a chiropractor who is interested to learn about the benefits of the Technique.

Written testimonials

Going up and down stairs used to be really difficult for me.

I had been tackling stairs like an old woman, and I looked like one. Over time, Kay has helped me to analyse what was happening and why. It turns out that before I even got to the stairs, I would get extremely anxious. I’d tense my neck, scrunch my shoulders and make myself as short as possible (so that I didn’t have so far to fall). Once I got to the stairs, I would “get set”; preparing myself for the ordeal. Unwittingly, I had added in loads of extra, unnecessary effort to my movements.  My method involved clutching onto the handrail, leaning to one side, looking down, using the same leading leg for each step; one at a time and stopping on each one to regain my balance. I would arrive at my destination with a sense of relief and surprise that I had made it in one piece. With Kay’s thoughtful help, I now realise that I had a real fear of falling. I thought I was protecting myself with my modifications. In fact, I had developed a kind of controlled fall, which was very unsafe and very damaging to my body. I had a lot of pain, and movement was a struggle. The strange thing is that I had no idea how anxious I was about stairs. Even stranger, I had no idea how my body was designed to work. My habits had developed gradually over time, so that I was completely unaware of them.

As crazy as it might sound, I had to re-learn how to go up and down stairs. Kay is a very patient, encouraging and kind teacher who has a knack of knowing what to do when. Over time, she has worked with me to revolutionise my technique so that I now find that I can approach stairs with confidence. I know how best to move, and I no longer have any fear. For lots of stairs, I no longer need to use the handrail. I am so grateful to Kay for guiding me to using my body in the way it’s designed to work. My movement is now easier, more graceful and more elegant. In fact, my husband commented that my new stair technique makes me look 30 years younger!

PJ Jones, Fear of stairs

I am delighted with my Alexander experience. I spend 14 weeks in Hospital having undergone major bowel surgery and I found myself walking along with a pronounced stoop due to the “protective” posture I had in inadvertently developed. Despite trying I could not get out of this downward spiral. This resulted in high degree of pain in my back, neck and shoulders. I had heard of the Alexander technique and decided to give it a try because it seemed to deal with my exact situation. After several lessons I am now greatly improved and pain free – walking upright and enjoying my walking again. I feel so much better that I have decided to continue with my lessons to make my improved posture a long term habit.

AW, Rehabilitation following a major bowel cancer operation

I first visited Kay quite a few months ago for an introduction to the Alexander Technique as I had been having various neck and back issues and was looking for something that would help me. Little did I realise how much could be done to help me. As someone who is retired I had spent years doing things wrongly without ever realising how far my body had been neglected and misused. Kay has made an enormous difference to my posture and well being and I haven’t had any back or neck issues since starting her lessons. Kay is very knowledgable, friendly and her lessons are fun, she has has transformed my posture and how I use my body. My extreme thanks go to Kay and I look forward to my next lesson with her.

PJ Hill, Transformed my posture in movement!

16 years ago I had an operation to fuse my right ankle joint ( arthredisis ) due to severe arthritis. After a long and slow recovery I had to learn to walk again ….. imagine… it was like walking with a plaster cast on from foot to knee.

I was never offered physiotherapy.  My biggest challenges were hills and stairs.

As a result I developed a marked limp and consequently suffered a lot of back and hip pain. The hip pain was always worse at night.  After working long shifts as a nurse I would suffer greatly.

Kay suggested that I learn the Alexander technique . She made no promises but I think was excited by the challenge.  I will admit I was very sceptical…. I couldn’t see how this technique could overcome a physical disability.

After my first lesson I questioned whether I was committed enough  and still had my reservations….. what was this all about I asked myself!  I now am able to not only walk without a limp, sleep at night without hip pain but also able work a 12hour shift with far less effort and discomfort. I even feel more graceful when walking up and down stairs.

Every day, new tasks present a learning curve, I’m not saying it’s a miracle cure but every day  I am becoming so much more confident. My stress levels are also considerably reduced resulting in my body feeling far less tension.

Working as a nurse I carry pens in my top pocket…. if they fall out, I know I’m not bending correctly and I am learning to STOP .. and THINK I  !

AS, Newton Abbot, No need to limp!

Fun, varied and always beneficial, Kay’s regular Alexander Technique sessions are a must on my calendar. They’re the one thing that ensures I don’t slip back into old ways with my posture and I can look forward to my middle age without worrying about chronic back problems looming ahead.

BC, Newton Abbot, wants to keep well and maintain good health and good posture in movement

Sceptical? Oh Yes! How could thinking about the way you use your body be fruitful? Or change anything!

Now I know!

Kay has been guiding me in the Alexander Technique since she qualified as a teacher. Overtime, I have discovered that I have the ability to ease some of the pain of mild arthritis, to lessen the effects of mild asthma by controlled breathing and to reduce the amount of medication I take. I know my experience is no guarantee for anyone else, we are all different, but it has helped me and is still helping me.

You need an open mind and diligence – this is not an instant fix – it’s a way of life.

KS, Denbury, states how AT has helped her manage Asthma and Arthritis

Learning the Alexander Technique has improved my confidence and allowed me to overcome my fear of doing presentations.

My stress levels have reduced and I have been able to significantly reduce medication I take for heartburn.

AB, Newton Abbot, has improved confidence in giving presentations and explains how AT has helped reduce stress and medication

Because I am tall I have always felt the need to shrink myself down, to fit in with everyone else (and to disappear if possible because I am not a particularly confident person!). In fact, once I started lessons it became apparent that my posture is not so bad but my self-consciousness has always made me look down. It is very refreshing and illuminating to be told that I can stand up to my full height, and look up. The Technique has planted a little note in my head to ‘think tall’; it feels empowering to be allowed to think this. I started lessons soon after I started singing in a chorus and I can apply many of the Technique’s ideas into singing and performance. And there is a picture of me on Facebook looking maybe just a little bit like the Alexander Technique teachers I aspire to, standing tall, relaxed and confident, I’m getting there!

MH, Kingskerswell, has improved confidence, posture and self esteem

Having suffered from quite severe back and neck pain for many years, I was encouraged to try the Alexander Technique.

I am now virtually pain free.

It has helped every day chores become manageable and I feel much stronger and calmer.

I no longer need to take antacid tablets at night and the numbness in my hands and fingers is much improved.

I also anticipate a brighter future as I learn more and more how to use my body better.

MJH, Lympstone, explains how AT has reduced neck and back pain and made life more manageable

I have had several Alexander Technique sessions so far and have started to re-learn how to use my body in a way that is aiding me into recovery following years of tension and pain after a motorcycle accident over 16 years ago. After trying many different therapies in the past and only had short-term relief, I knew it was time to try something more long-term. So far my general aches and pains seem to be subsiding along with me noticing better muscle use and posture. Being a young mum with 9 month old twins and a 4 year old has made it even more essential that I am on top form and that they learn from me how to keep fit and healthy! This is a new start for me and my body and I are nearly friends again after many years!

RY, Marldon, has discovered that AT has helped reduce general aches and pains and develop better muscle tone and posture enabling her to manage her busy schedule

Breaking my leg made me limp badly which in turn caused pain in both my neck and my back. The Alexander Technique has helped me learn to walk upright naturally and without stress and pain. It has speeded up the recovery process and also given me inner personal confidence and awareness.

CN, Denbury, explains how the technique has helped her back on to her feet after breaking a leg

After 15 years of headaches and two years of emotional strife, I have tried the Alexander Technique with highly satisfactory results. No more pain killers, increased energy and a general improvement in well-being have been the results.

I will forever be grateful for Kay’s firm but sympathetic teaching. I wish I had tried it years ago.

RF, Ipplepen
Before trying Alexander Technique I had been really struggling for many months with pain in my lower back, shoulders and neck which I had thought were due to my scoliosis. A few lessons with Kay and I really noticed the difference! The pain in my lower back went and my shoulders and neck loosened up. Now I also know how to treat myself without needing to visit the physiotherapist or take medication.

As a harpist, I get a lot of stiffness in my shoulders and neck. Kay has taught me how to relax whilst playing and to be aware of the muscles I need to use. The tension has decreased, I am less tired and my playing has improved.

EB, A young musician who used the Technique to help overcome back, shoulder and neck pain

I tried the Alexander Technique after recommendation from a physiotherapist in the hope that it would help ease long term back ache. Although dubious by nature, I decided that I really had to give the Technique a fair try and was more than grateful that I did so; not only did my back improve immensely over the weeks, but I also realised that I was experiencing an overall improvement in general well-being. Thank you so much Kay!

More people should know about and learn the Alexander Technique.

DS, Newton Abbot

I tried the Alexander Technique after recommendation from a physiotherapist in the hope that it would help ease long term back ache. Although dubious by nature, I decided that I really had to give the Technique a fair try and was more than grateful that I did so; not only did my back improve immensely over the weeks, but I also realised that I was experiencing an overall improvement in general well-being. Thank you so much Kay!

More people should know about and learn the Alexander Technique.

DS, Newton Abbot