1. I have suffered for years with bad posture and various aches and pains, and for the latter I regularly visit a sports Masseuse and a Chiropractor as well as my GP. Although all of these offer support and short term relief nothing really works in the long term. Several friends had advised using the Alexander Technique and although I had read up on the internet, I’d never taken it any further.I decided to go for it and chose Kay from a short list of four I created; this may sound odd but with no prior knowledge of the process Kay offered parking outside her house and as I regularly visit Newton Abbot it seemed a logical place to start!

    It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    Kay makes you very welcome, does not pressurise, but is firm when needed. On my first visit an overview of the process and other information was given and questions clarified. The big change to me was that you don’t get treatment, you get taught the methodology of how to do things the best way for you by following the Alexander Techniques’ holistic approach. Clearly everyone is different so will need more or less sessions as appropriate. Also, it’s not a magic cure – you have to work at it!! Again you can only do what you are able to do and Kay recognises this.

    After a few weeks my posture had improved so much that I stood up straight for the first time in years; after three months or so a host of other improvements meant I could operate by myself (but will no doubt visit for refreshers/visits top ups as required!)

    If you are suffering and want to try the Alexander Technique for yourself, I would wholeheartedly recommend Kay.

    AH 3 July 2016